ood morning, everyone, and welcome to another working week. We hope the weekend respite was relaxing and invigorating, because that all-too-familiar routine of meetings, deadlines, and the like has, once again, predictably returned. To cope, yes, we are quaffing some cups of stimulation — our flavor today is coconut, for those who track this sort of thing — and, as always, we invite you to join us. Remember, no prescription is required, although this also means you must pay out of pocket. While you consider the benefits, here are some tidbits to get you going. Hope your day is simply smashing and, of course, do keep in touch …

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) chief executive Emma Walmsley is giving R&D operations a dose of bitter medicine, The Wall Street Journal says. In the roughly one year the 48-year-old former cosmetics executive has been on the job, Walmsley has replaced nearly half of the top 125 executives, reassigned or let go some 400 scientists in its drug-development unit, and another 100 science jobs are still on the line. She is also shutting down more than two dozen clinical drug trials, as she narrows the focus of the drug-discovery portfolio. “We need to get out of our own way,” Walmsley says.

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