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And so, another working week will soon draw to a close. Not a moment too soon, yes? This is, you may recall, our treasured signal to daydream about weekend plans. Our agenda is rather busy, since we will help Mrs. Pharmalot celebrate turning another page on the calendar of life. And what about you? Once again, we remind you this is a lovely time of year to enjoy the great outdoors. You could catch up on your reading or, of course, keep mom in your thoughts. For the adventurous, you could place bets on whether President Trump can force other countries to pay more for their medicines. Well, whatever you do, have a grand time. But be safe. Enjoy, and see you soon …

The White House is promising that Friday afternoon President Trump will roll out “the most comprehensive plan to tackle prescription drug affordability of any president,” STAT reports. Details are scarce, although Trump will not include a call for Congress to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices. What to expect? Trying to move generics and biosimilars faster to market, lower list prices, a focus on reduced “freeloading” by other countries, and lower out-of-pocket costs for seniors likely through so-called point-of-sale discounts at the pharmacy counter.

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  • Mr Ed, modesty ill becomes you, I fear? There is still no link on ‘the regular Pharmalot’ to yesterdays exclusive. And if memory serves, you had a quasi-exclusive view into some of Pfizer’s issues production issues some months ago but did not include it today. Mayhaps the stress of this weeks renewed fame has just over-taxed you?

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