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Hello, everyone, and how are you this morning? We are doing just fine, thank you, despite a steady drumbeat of hammering and drilling that is emanating from abodes on both sides of the otherwise serene Pharmalot campus. After all, a few improvements can make our castle somewhat more valuable, yes? This calls for a celebratory cup of stimulation. And please feel free to join us. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy a few items of interest that have been gathered on your behalf. We hope these help you along and you have a terrific day. Best of luck and do stay in touch …

Last fall, CVS Caremark (CVS), which is the largest pharmacy benefit manager for the Ohio Medicaid program, reduced reimbursement for generic Suboxone to pharmacies by up to 80 percent, The Columbus Dispatch writes. The move caused pharmacists to either no longer stock the drug — and in effect pushing addicts in the fragile early stages of recovery back onto the streets — or find themselves being forced out of business. The development remains one the nation’s most stark examples of the potentially life-and-death impact of hidden price manipulation by these PBMs.

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