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Good morning, everyone, and welcome to another working week. We hope the weekend respite — which was longer than usual on the side of the pond — was refreshing and invigorating, because that oh-so-familiar routine of meetings and deadlines and the like has predictably returned. There is only one thing to do in the face of such business — fire up the coffee kettle and brew several cups of stimulation. We are enjoying cinnamon vanilla for those who are curious about such things. Meanwhile, here are a few items of interest. Hope your day is smashing and please do keep in touch …

A confidential Department of Justice report shows federal prosecutors investigating Purdue Pharma found the company knew about “significant” OxyContin abuse in the first years after introducing the drug in 1996 and concealed the information, The New York Times reports. Purdue officials received reports the pills were being crushed and snorted; stolen from pharmacies; and some doctors were being charged with selling prescriptions. But Purdue continued to market OxyContin as less prone to abuse and addiction than other prescription opioids, prosecutors wrote in 2006.

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