ooking to bolster transparency involving drug makers, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) introduced a bill that would require drug makers to report payments that are made to patient advocacy groups and professional societies.

The legislation is designed to toughen the Sunshine Act, which was created in response to concerns that industry payments were unduly influencing medical research and practice. The law was subsequently folded into the Affordable Care Act and a federal database was launched in 2014 to which drug and device makers must report payments to physicians.

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  • First, I’m all for transparency despite the fact that statistics are easily manipulated into deceptive cudgels to drive agendas.
    Now let’s do some math and put these “shocking” contributions to patient advocacy groups into context.
    “The report found five drug makers funneled nearly $9 million to 14 advocacy groups working on chronic pain and issues related to opioid use between 2012 and 2017.”
    $9mm to 14 groups = $645,000 each (rounded up)
    $645K ÷ 5 companies = $129,000
    2012-2017 = 6 years
    $129K ÷ 6 years = $21.5K per year per group per company
    This is not a lot of money. It likely wouldn’t pay the rent for a one-room office, let alone one person’s salary. This is not buying a lot of influence, and the advocacy group knows it, the company knows it, and so does anyone who does the math.
    2012-2017 = 6 years

  • pssss furthermore politician lady,,,i want all addiction owners list of contributors!!!!1st,,fair is fair right,,,i want a list of all addiction warehouse owners who have received monies from any politician,and pharma,,any rich sob who has put there adult kid in one of their addiction warehouse,,,talk about bias,prejudicial bigots,,,let just go after the folks who help the medically ill in physical pain,ie,pain groups,,,,but do not go after the addiction groups who get financial support?!!!!thats called BEING PREJUDICE SENATORE!!!mary

  • How about we get a list of all politicians who have contributed to the ACLU AND have stock in any pharma 1st!!!!!Come on,,,,we are adults,,it was called supply and demand,,,,,As adults its called ,”informed consent,” at anytime as an adult,,,u can say NO Doc,,,,do not need that medicine any longer,,,maryw

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