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Three years ago, Kim Kardashian caused a ruckus when she touted a morning-sickness pill to her millions of followers on social media. Her posts failed to include any risk information, prompting regulators in the U.S. and Canada to issue stern warnings.

Nonetheless, the gambit paid off handsomely. The faux pas, which was subsequently corrected, generated even more publicity for the Diclegis pill, and by the fall of 2015, sales jumped 21 percent to nearly $41.7 million, according to data from IQVIA, a market research firm.


Moreover, the move cost the drug maker only $500,000.

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  • This is not exactly news. It does not look as if these writers here are paying attention. Perhaps looking at this reality stars deceptive Pharma peddling is a safe topic. This same tactic has been used very successfully by Pharma marketers, with journalists, content marketers, patient groups, and “Influencers.” These tactics are even more effective for misleading public. Pharma ads are non stop on TV Radio, and Social Media. Along with the misleading over-hyped claims they are sending messages to the public that the industry does not need regulation, that we should forget how much money the taxpayers have invested in these so called “breakthroughs.” The American public does not have accuses to any data that would indicate whether any of this is dangerous, since only Pharma funded research is allowed. In Fact any legitimate scientific tests of any of these claims would be met with career destroying lawsuits, threats, and removal of funding. In Post Fact America as long as there is a profit, even the deaths go uncounted.

    • Hi Mavis,

      Thanks for your note.

      And I agree that celebrity endorsements are hardly new. I’ve been tracking pharma for 23 years and have seen my share.

      What is new being able to read the contract itself, confirming the kind of payments that drug makers sometimes make and, in this case, to Kim Kardashian.

      Hope this helps,

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