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Hello, everyone, and how are you today? We are doing just fine, thank you, especially now that the Pharmalot campus has quieted down. The short person has departed for another day at the local summer job and the mascots are quietly snoozing in their respective corners, awaiting a steamy day. As for us, yes, we are diligently brewing cups of stimulation and foraging for interesting items. What else should we be doing? As for you, here are some items of interest to help you on your own journey. Hope all goes well and, as always, do stay in touch. We enjoy hearing from you …

Sanofi (SNY) has halted production at a plant in southern France, after an environmental group accused the drug maker of “massive air” poisoning, Reuters writes. France Nature Environment, a federation representing some 3,500 local associations, says emissions contributing to pollution at the Sanofi plant in Mourenx, which produces the epilepsy treatment valproate, had been 7,000 times above the limit allowed by French law. The organization expressed particular concern about bromopropane, a widely used solvent.

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