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Hello, everyone, and how are you this morning? We are doing just fine, thank you. And why not? The Pharmalot campus is blessed with a warm and shiny sun, a clear blue sky, and a deliciously cool breeze. Not to mention a functioning coffee kettle for brewing hot cups of stimulation. Of course, while we enjoy these gifts, we are also foraging for items of interest, some of which you can find below. We hope these help you on your journey today and you conquer the world. Meanwhile, please do stay in touch …

Louisiana and Gilead Sciences (GILD) are working on a deal to change how the state pays for hepatitis C drugs, NPR tells us. The idea is a subscription, or the Netflix (NFLX) model — the state would agree to pay a fixed amount of money over several years and, in turn, the drug maker would provide all the medication that is needed. Initially, Louisiana would get more drug than it would pay for, but in later years, Gilead would get extra money. “Ideally, we would have something in place this year,” says Gregg Alton, executive vice president of corporate and medical affairs at Gilead.

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