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A Congressional committee is stepping up pressure on three of the largest purveyors of opioids — Purdue Pharma, Mallinckrodt (MNK), and Insys Therapeutics (INSY) — by seeking a raft of documents concerning their controversial marketing and distribution practices.

In letters sent on Thursday to the companies, the House Energy and Commerce Committee asked the drug makers to provide information pertinent to their role in the opioid crisis, such as relationships with doctors, oversight of suspicious orders, funding to outside organizations, training for sales reps, and policies for educational programs, among other things.

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  • OMG, when are you guy’s going to realize that the people that are ODing are doing it from the fentanyl that is on the streets. The people that have the prescriptions are subject to strict guidelines and they are followed because this medicine is the only kind that helos with the pain and they can lead a halfass normal life. Go after the heroin and fentanyl dealers not the 60 and older USCitizens with limited funds and chronic pain, geezzz

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