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File this under, “It’s the fees, stupid!”

At a time when rebates are increasingly blamed for rising medicine costs, another type of behind-the-scenes payment in the pharmaceutical supply chain is being cited as an explanation for high drug prices — the various fees that pharmacy benefit managers charge drug makers.

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  • Fairness and justice in the drug industry move techtonically slow. (Picture a turtle climbing Mount Everest). I hope to live and see the day when the PBMs finally get their comeuppance, but at age 58, I doubt I’ll live that long.

    Expect the PBMs to go full Gotti to prevent the green curtain from opening.

    • You are so right Corey…. We will never see the PBM’s sleep with the fish as they say in my neighborhood. I guess the federal government wants to see the Independent Pharmacy become extinct. I was talking to a friend of mine who owns 4 pharmacies in the NYC area. He’s also past president of PSSNY (pharmacy society state of NY), we both agree , between the PBM’s paying us below our cost of medications and these d.i.r fees , we will ALL be out of business within 6 months. This can’t continue like this and stay in business.
      This is a pattern of criminal activity that a first year law student would classify as a classic RICCO case against the PBM’s. The PBM’s are diverting the problem of high price of medication on to the manufacturer. The problem is the PBM’s and their greed.
      I’m on the front lines of this battle , I live this PBM greed every day.
      Let me talk to Alex Azar for 10 minutes and I can show him where the billions are going….
      In the PBM’s pockets.

  • RE: ‘Consumers deserve to know more…’
    You bet.
    But drugs and devices are not the only gov regulated business
    where the real negotiations take place behind closed doors.
    Trust your legislators?
    Or implement more independent oversight, e.g. GAO scrutiny.

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