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Rise and shine, everyone, another busy day is on the way. The hot temperatures in many parts may make it seem as if another summer vacation is in order, but alas, there is much to do. So please join us as we brew another few cups of stimulation and dig in. As always, we have assembled a few items of interest to hopefully make the ritual easier for you. Best of luck today and, once again, we remind you to keep in touch …

Three foundations, including the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, have each committed $10 million to a new nonprofit, generic drug manufacturer called Civica Rx that is being created by seven of the nation’s largest hospital systems. Civica Rx has identified 14 hospital-administered generic drugs to focus on initially in hopes of stabilizing supplies of medicines that are currently in short supply. The company expects to release its first products as early as 2019.

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  • There is both more and less to Civica than meets the eye. “Civica’s first step is to work with manufacturing partners, VanTrieste said.” It seems to be modeled as a virtual CMO (or co-op?) for it’s members.
    The assumption is extra space in the exiting supply chain. Given the timelines to create new capital intensive facilities, that is the only route to get product by 2019. That said, they are still at the mercy of their partners – it will be interesting to see if / when they take the step to be “an owner / competitor.”

  • Yes, those are the numbers reported – “For the six months that ended June 30, Elanco net income was $9.9 million and the company brought in revenue of $1.5 billion.”
    BUT who will want a company with a net profit of 00.67 percent? Just my observation of course ……

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