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Trump administration restrictions on hiring those who have lived outside of the U.S. is making it difficult for the Food and Drug Administration to attract top talent, STAT writes. The policy “definitely has created an additional challenge, I think, for us. The U.S. just doesn’t graduate the number that we need to fill our vacancies,” says Melanie Keller, acting associate commissioner for scientific and clinical recruitment. The agency must restrict the number of offers of employment they make to people who have lived outside the U.S. for three of the past five years.

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  • Unless this patent was filed simultaneously with the one for Oxycontin, I find the ‘moral outrage’ pedantic at best. “The idea Sackler “could get richer” from the patent was “very disturbing,” says Andrew Kolodny…”
    Next some will say it’s disturbing for the head of HHS to have worked for Lilly for many years … oh, wait!

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