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Good morning, everyone, and how are you today? We are doing just fine, thank you, despite a late-night trek to the STAT nerve center. Of course, this calls for a few cups of stimulation as we adjust and dig in for another busy day. And when are there not-busy days? No doubt, you can relate. So time to get cracking. Here are a few items of interest to help you on your own journey. Hope all goes well today and, of course, please do keep in touch.

Washington law firms are preparing for a boom in business from a projected Democratic takeover of the House in 2019, anticipating that drug makers will be among the companies needing help navigating a flurry of oversight investigations, Politico explains. Washington lawyers are crafting memos for clients describing the inquiries they could face next year and which lawmakers might lead the relevant House committees. Others are reaching out to corporations they believe will need new representation, explaining how they would keep them out of the crosshairs of Democratic-led probes.

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