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In the latest response to the opioid crisis, more than half of Rite Aid (RAD) shareholders voted to require the board of the pharmacy chain to report on how the addictive painkillers are monitored, and how the company is managing related financial and reputational risks.

Specifically, 57 percent of shareholders supported the resolution, which also called for the Rite Aid board to describe senior executive compensation metrics or policies. The resolution was introduced by the UAW Retiree Benefits Trust, a member of Investors for Opioid Accountability, a coalition of institutional investors that has been pushing wholesalers and pharmacies to take steps to reign in the opioid crisis.

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  • The physicians seems to be incompetent, ignorant, or negligent. With all their evidence-based, they were not aware of the addictive side effects of opioids. The medical practice needs a revamp.

    • I have Been a pain management for 10years. I blow a disk 16 months or so. Had 2 back surgeries They want to put a pain blocker that is ran down L2 to s1. I take 3 15s a day and one sebutex sublingual at night and was made by the pharmacist to buy meloxicam and she diagnose me as being opioid dependence and risk for overdose now no one will fill my prescriptions it makes me sick how people can judge other people that are in so much pain and made decisions that the doctors don’t even make I don’t mind having the Narcan in on hand but I don’t like being forced
      she said if I didn’t buy it that I couldn’t get prescriptions at Walmart anymore and I wasn’t even getting my narcotics with her I was getting it through mail order. refuses to fill my prescriptions through my Dr so now I got to find a new pain doctor for $350 first visit and 250 every a month every month after of course. The Drs do not IRS to know how the make in the side for suboxone or Subutex. What a messed up world we live in. One more thing all of these lawyers that are suing all these pharmaceutical companies and these class action lawsuits the only people that are going to make money is the lawyers

    • Mrs. Hawkins,

      I am sorry for what you’re going through. To reduce overprescrition of opioids as well as reduce of intake, contact your local Primary physician, Acupuncture physician or Acupuncturist about acupuncture for pain management.

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