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The nation’s largest group of physicians is wading into the debate over the cost of prescription drugs with a proposal to allow Americans to purchase medicines from Canada, but not by going online.

At its semi-annual policy meeting that begins this coming weekend, the American Medical Association will consider a motion to endorse medicines that are obtained in person from licensed brick-and-mortar Canadian pharmacies, but only if there are limits on quantities and product safety assurances are in place.

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  • A stupid solution by having to drive to Canada to buy drugs. The AMA must be in bed with drug companies. All Americans should have access to cheaper drugs not just the ones near the Canadian border.

  • The AMA should nto be involved in this decision, they have proven again and again that the safety and well being of Americans is not a serious concern. The AMA chose to ignore counterfeit and tampered with, imported drugs. Canada has higher safety standards than the US anyway. The AMA and the corrupt physician mebers chose to ignore the so called Opiate Epidemic, instead choosing to lie and gas light the patients injured by their lack of ethics. Here in Post Fact America, where most of our Pharmaceuticals are imported from third world factories, and wall board and dirt is sued as a filler, most of these AMA members chose to ignore patients injured by prescription drugs, over medicated or even killed by Poly Pharmacy. They hid the actual death rates in the sensationalized overdose deaths, which they falsely attributed to opiates. What we have here is more of a criminal organization than a professional one, and the evidence is clear, in the number of American who will die this year due to Adverse events, postponed medical care and misdiagnosis. Even publication like this one are silent about the Facts, they can be bad for the advertisers, profiteering, and industry insiders.

    • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! They sure did lie about the supposed “opioid epidemic” and they are not qualified to be deemed medical professionals. ‘Only if in person, only if shortage” why would there be a shortage? Oh! Because the green light was given to the dea to halt the medication processing and distribution of they (DEA) deem necessary. This country is a sham!!!!!!!! If I had the finances I would move to Canada TODAY!!!!!!!

  • The AMA should be applauded for supporting patients who seek lower prices in Canada through personal drug importation. It should also give further consideration to safe international online pharmacies that sell medicines from pharmacies in Canada but also other countries. Their patients are already ordering medicines online. Discouraging safe online purchases will only exacerbate cost-related non-adherence. Properly verified sites have proven to be a lifeline of affordable medicine for millions of patients. I’ll reference AEI’s Roger Bate’s position and research on this issue:

    Gabriel Levitt

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