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In a rebuke to Mylan (MYL), the Food and Drug Administration warned the big generic drug maker about a host of manufacturing gaffes at a key plant in the U.S. that has been the focus of large job cuts this year.

Following an inspection last March and April of the Morgantown, W.Va., facility, the FDA noted that Mylan failed to clean equipment, investigate unexplained discrepancies in batches of drugs, and follow proper procedures to assure medicines have the intended quality and purity.


Moreover, the agency reminded the company of repeated violations at multiple sites that were found over the past three years. In 2015, three facilities in India were issued a combined warning letter for inadequate controls for making sterile drugs and failing to establish scientifically sound lab controls, among other things. Last year, a plant in India was given a warning letter for invalidating test results.

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  • For the past two months, I have been trying to obtain the Mylan Brand of an antiemetic medication I have always purchased from Mylan. I have been given the medication from the Airubindo Manufacturing plant located in India. I have tried to obtain the Mylan medication from a different manufacturing source that is not in the Pharmaceutical plant known as Aurobindo, thanks to the STAT column of a brief while ago; the plant is located in a large waterway that is filled with deadly toxins. Neither humans, nor animals are safe, if they ingest any of the pharmaceuticals manufactured in that place.

    I have tried to find the Mylan brand that is also manufactured in this country ( which is now shut down because of the unbelievable manner of the safety regulations that demand the pharmaceutical companies to be pristine.

    I just wrote to Mylan yesterday afternoon, because I finally found a pharmacy within a forty-five minute drive from my home to the pharmacy that I found; I explained the reason why I did not want the Auribindo Pharmaceutical medication from there. The pharmacist said that they have one bottle left, and I agreed to purchase the prescription for cash, as I had just had my refill of this medication from a different pharmacy, which did not fill the prescription as I indicated I wanted. So I ended up using my remaining refills for the Mylan from the extremely toxic and possible life threatening plant from India.

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