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Amid rising scrutiny of pharmacy benefit manager practices, the Pennsylvania state auditor is recommending several steps that lawmakers should take to clamp down on these controversial middlemen in hopes of controlling prescription drug costs.

The effort was prompted after Ohio recently ended contracts with two of the largest PBMs over pricing practices in the Medicaid program that cost the state tens of millions of dollars, a step that triggered increased interest among officials in other states over contracts and an alleged lack of transparency.

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  • Flat fee pricing for reimbursing PBM’s …. Let’s try it for a year nationally and we’ll see how many billions every state will save. The transparency PBM’s have in their contracts are , ” Take our below net payments or don’t accept the
    thousands of patients you could have filled prescriptions for”
    If the PBM’s had nothing to hide,why would they not want the findings released? Am I the only one who sees this Ed?
    For those that believe theres a fire wall .. I have a bridge for sale !!!!!

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