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In the latest bit of difficulty for Sun Pharma, India’s securities regulator reportedly disclosed plans to investigate allegations of insider trading and other irregularities involving fundraising overseas for one of India’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

The move by the Securities and Exchange Board of India follows a 150-page letter sent by a whistleblower to the regulator and local media, placing the drug maker under unusual scrutiny, given that an insider trading case was settled last year. The new probe was confirmed by SEBI chairman Ajay Tyag following a regularly scheduled agency meeting, according to The Times of India.

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    Outcome from this pharmaceutical company has now been worse, because they the extreme toxins that are in the waterway of the Arabindo Pharmaceutical, where these toxins are not fit for human or animal ingesting what is produced from there especially.

    I have already self paid for two prescriptions for the medication that I need for my symptoms. My physician has told me that there isn’t a better medication for my symptoms than the Mylan Brand, and I have him the two scripts for disposal.

    Several different people have asked me whether or not I considered trying medical marijuana edibles for my symptoms. I guess that might be the only possible way for me to get my symptom, under control?

    I am seriously thinking about this different approach for the next possible opportunity for myself.

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