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Once again, the U.K. government and Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX) appear to be at an impasse over pricing and access for a pricey medicine, a long-running battle that has become a symbol of the sometimes fierce clashes between drug makers and cash-strapped governments.

On Thursday, the drug maker issued a statement expressing “disappointment” with a recent response from the official cost-effectiveness watchdog, which deemed the Orkambi cystic fibrosis treatment is not worth what Vertex seeks to charge. And there was no indication when discussions may resume.

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  • U.K. government and Vertex Pharmaceuticals

    Cfs die while we await your outcomes .

    Triple drugs combo that will be out 2019 the uk should be in it to win it !!

    10 Per cent of cfs these drugs dont work so Vertex Pharmaceuticals needs more drugs on the market ..
    So why stop these drugs when also more advance drugs and gene mapping treatments should be next step and more tablets based items !!

    • Yes agree. help the Cf people and stop so many un wanted deaths..
      also the uk has a huge amount of Cf people second to Usa only .

      Scotland has put in offer so why dont the rest of the uk follow !!

  • Vertex has met its match. Broad day light “whatever” cannot go on for ever. I wonder what would be the pricing in China or India. It is interesting that “C” suit folks would not take any money with them when their time is up. Would they similar price if their family member needed a necessary drug to live?

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