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One of the many proposals the Trump administration is kicking around in order to lower drug costs would shift coverage of some medicines from Medicare Part B to Part D, which is administered by private managed care plans. A new analysis, however, cautions that while government spending might be reduced, the proposal may also increase out-of-pocket costs for some beneficiaries.

How so? Let’s start at the beginning: Part B drugs are often high-priced and mostly administered by infusion or injection in physician offices. Part D drugs are purchased from pharmacies. But there is another key difference: Managed care plans can negotiate prices for Part D drugs. This is why the administration is considering moving coverage for some drugs from Part B to Part D.

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  • Trying to decipher the complicated Medicare structure and it’s alphabetical ridiculous medical plans that mostly hurt seniors where it hurts the most, their health and their inability to pay for expensive A,B, C, D,. F. Etc plans. It’s easier to understand trigonometry than all these plans, coverage and their costs.
    Let’s make it simple, seniors will be the most affected.

  • Why not design a supplemental to Medicare that supplements what Medicare does not cover, plus includes scripts, vision, and hearing all in one package? It is not only time consuming, but frustrating having to seek out a supplement, a prescription plan, and then have to have each plan set up, auto deducted separately from ones checking account. Why make it hard for 65 and over? The Medicare advantage plans offer all three in one package, but then most of the scripts are not covered that are prescribed by the primary physician. I would rather go with the meds my Dr prescribed and not by what the plan chooses for me. Age 65 and older should be receiving the best health care, and receiving the prescriptions as needed without having to pay a fortune to be well. Most elder people live on a very limited income and cannot afford the medications, so they do without. Everyone young and old has a right to life.

    • Thank you for your great comment. it goes straight to the heart of the matter.
      I have neighbors all retirees in my neighborhood which their only income is their retirement or SS income, they all struggle to pay for their meds some are suffering of chronic deseases like diabetes for 45 years and can’t afford insulin and now they have to pay for plan D. This has to stop, it’s shameful and indecent that this happens in the world’s richest and most powerful country.

    • Medicare is one of the most highly rated government initiative – you do realize the government is the payer, right? I hearken back to the marchers’ signs “Keep the government out of my Medicare”.

      And what’s more important than healthcare?

  • Just like the drug for Osteoporosis over the cost $1000. Your cost at the doctors office $200.00 a shot. That expensive. Most middle class in Medicare Advantage plans can’t afford that so they suffer in pain and bone lost.

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