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Amid intensifying scrutiny of medicine costs, an analysis of the New York Medicaid and pharmacy data suggests that pharmacy benefit managers are increasingly marking up generic drugs, raising questions about the extent to which the profits are passed back to the state health care program.

In 2017, the pharmacy benefit managers that were contracted with managed care plans working on behalf of the state Medicaid program paid independent pharmacies an average of $10.85 for each generic prescription. But the managed care plans reported their average costs were $14.34 per prescription, which was a 32 percent markup. This was up from 11 percent in 2016.

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  • Ed,
    How long have I been saying exactly what you stated in this article ? I would love to speak to this spokesman for the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association who claims that pharmacies have been over paid for years. He almost got it right Ed, what he should have said was that the PBM’s have been overpaid and fleecing every American ! Then again if he told the truth he wouldn’t have a job !!

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