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As a protracted battle between Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX) and the U.K. drags on over pricing for cystic fibrosis drugs, a coalition of families, patient advocates, academics, and physicians from more than a dozen countries are urging the company to lower its prices and widen access to “desperate patients.”

In an open letter to Vertex chief executive Jeffrey Leiden, the ad hoc group praised the company for “inspirational science and dedication,” but also chastised the drug maker for not doing more to ensure its medicines reach every potential patient.

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  • The CF Foundation funds a lot of research, including a lot of the research that led to the Vertex medications approved and in development if I’m not mistaken. Do they have a corresponding arm to help patients pay for the treatments they helped to bring to market?

  • Considering the tremendous amount of money raised by the CF foundation for research, Vertexes price gouging is unconscionable.

  • And so Mr Yee sings his song of ever higher prices but “One Is The Loneliest Number.” We shall see.

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