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Hello, everyone, and how are you this fine morning? We are doing just keen, despite the gathering snow that is collecting on the Pharmalot campus. In fact, the scene is actually quite pleasant, although we are foraging around for the appropriate boots and gloves and shovels that will be needed later. Meanwhile, we are firing up the trusty coffee kettle because cups of stimulation will be very much needed. Feel free to join us. And now, here are some items of interest to distract you. Hope your day is smashing and, as always, keep us in mind when you get a hot news flash …

A Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) treatment-resistant depression drug called Esketamine faces an uncertain fate at a Food and Drug Administration advisory committee meeting on Tuesday, as panel members ponder a mixed bag of clinical trial success, Benzinga explains. Treatment-resistant depression refers to patients with major depressive disorder who have not responded to at least two different treatments with antidepressants in a moderate-to-severe depressive episode. FDA reviewers raised safety concerns, but did not appear overly concerned about abuse potential.

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  • While our scribe flags ‘executives,’ the donation stats related to Senator Booker are for ‘contributions from the pharmaceutical industry and its employees.’ One wonders how much of the amount were from ‘small dollar’ donations by employees vs big dollar from firms or ‘the corporate brass.’

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