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Rise and shine, everyone, the middle of the week is here. You made it this far, so why not forge ahead, yes? As always, we are doing our best with the help of some cups of stimulation — we are quaffing pecan pie this morning — and invite you to join us. After all, a prescription is not required, so go ahead and indulge. Meanwhile, we have assembled the latest menu of tidbits to get you started on another busy day. Hope all goes well and you conquer the world. Cheers …

The Senate hearing on high drug prices served mostly as a retreading of arguments that lawmakers and the pharmaceutical industry have spent years fine-tuning, STAT explains. The hearing had all the makings of a high-profile Washington event, but the seven pharma executives largely dodged the tougher lines of questioning from the mostly staid committee members and slipped away from most attempts to shame them for perceived bad behavior. And the committee members offered less bombastic salvos than the diatribes from some presidential aspirants.

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