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Hello, everyone, and nice to see you again. We disappeared yesterday to take our shortest person on a long-overdue roots trip, of sorts, that was an eye-opening experience into how much life has changed for so many in just a few generations. The food was pretty good, too. But now, of course, we have returned to the usual routine of brewing cups of stimulation and foraging for interesting items. And so, time to get cracking. Here are a few tidbits to get you going. Hope your day is smashing and please do keep in touch …

Sanofi (SNY) pledged about $11 million for rebuilding Notre Dame, but reaction has been mixed, Pharmaphorum notes. Although some praised the move, others took issue because the company is not providing money for people affected by the side effects of its Depakine epilepsy drug. The drug and its generics have been linked to severe birth defects in up to 4,100 children in France since it was first marketed there in 1967, and women who took the drug during pregnancy were four times more likely to have babies with malformations, according to French authorities.

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