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Fresh off filing a lawsuit alleging that a pharmacy benefit manager overcharged his state, Ohio’s attorney general is now proposing a series of legislative reforms that would toughen oversight of these controversial middlemen.

The move by Attorney General Dave Yost comes amid escalating concern among Ohio officials over the prescription drug contracts administered by PBMs on behalf of the state Medicaid program and other agencies. In doing so, Yost appears to be suggesting a blueprint for other states that are grappling with rising drug costs and starting to scrutinize PBM business practices as one possible way to alleviate the financial strain.


PBMs play a crucial but largely hidden role in the pharmaceutical chain. These companies act as middlemen by negotiating prices with drug makers while creating formularies, or lists of medicines for insurance reimbursement. In the process, the PBMs collect rebates from the drug makers. And they also contract with pharmacies and collect various fees.

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  • Mazel Tov !!!!! Let’s hope this does become law. Every state should follow
    Ohio’s footsteps regarding PBM’s. That was big of PCMA to applaud the Ohio
    AG. I guess they don’t look good in orange !!!

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