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And so, another working week will soon draw to a close. Not a moment too soon, yes? This is, you may recall, our treasured signal to daydream about weekend plans. Our agenda is rather modest. Besides catching up on our reading, puttering around the castle, and engaging in a few naps, we plan to indulge Mrs. Pharmalot, since she is turning another page on the calendar. And what about you? This is a fine time to enjoy the great outdoors or catch up with someone special. You could get around to spring cleaning. Or you could calculate how much those latest tariffs will cost you. And remember, if Mom is around, give her a call. Whatever you do, have a grand time. But be safe. Enjoy, and see you soon. …

U.S. senators want to stop brand-name drug makers from using an arsenal of patents to thwart generic competition, a tactic used by makers of some of the world’s most expensive and best-selling medicines, Bloomberg News writes. Senators John Cornyn, a Texas Republican, and Richard Blumenthal, a Connecticut Democrat, proposed legislation that would give the Federal Trade Commission the help it needs to go after pharmaceutical companies that use so-called patent thickets.

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