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As dozens of states pursue numerous generic drug makers for price-fixing, a pair of prominent lawmakers have complained to the Justice Department about a “lack of enforcement” and asked the agency to accelerate its own investigation into the companies.

In a letter sent to the feds on Wednesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) also asked the Justice Department to probe whether 14 generic drug makers obstructed their own 2014 investigation into “suspicious” price increases for several generic medicines.

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  • These generic drug manufacturers are telling lawmakers one of the reasons for the price increases are, ” User Fees”. You would think the lawmakers would say, “what are user fees?”. This is what the PBM’s call drug rebates. PCMA says that
    drug rebates are used for preferential placement on drug formularies, and for excluding other manufacturers.
    If a drug manufacturer pays this “drug rebate” (really extortion) they in turn will increase the price of their drug.
    Competition is good for the consumer! Formularies should be set up by saying, the 3 lowest price manufacturers
    will be put on formulary. Get rid of drug rebates and get rid of the PBM’s ! Then watch and see how fast drug prices
    come down and every state that has been fleeced by these PBM’s will save hundreds of millions of dollars.

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