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The revolving door turns again.

After a two-year stint running the Food and Drug Administration, Scott Gottlieb has joined the board of directors at Pfizer, giving the world’s largest drug maker crucial insights into the inner workings of the Trump administration as it attempts to contain national angst over the rising cost of medicines.

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  • Gestapo tactics, retaliation & illegal surveillance part of industry-captured FDA culture. FDA has been overrun by big pharma & device industry since the introduction of user-fees. Gottlieb loaded his golden parachute long before he jumped. It was all by design.

    • Well said and Congress keeps on pocketing the bribes (oh sorry! ‘Lobbying’) Gott ‘lie’ b returns to his roots.

  • Scott Gottlieb; left the FDA because the general opinion is the FDA is in a very disgusting state of management and that he contributed to the FDA’s present horrible state of affairs, he left as the FDA walls have started to crumble and that their disgusting hiding of critical medical information from the public!

  • I wonder how many people died from the side effects of those “fast tracked” medications in that time?

  • This needs to stop. They all need to sign a non compete. Or better as a I can’t spill my guts for a 5 yr. period.

  • “Every FDA commissioner over the past 38 years has joined the board of a pharmaceutical company after leaving the agency, except for one — David Kessler,” Was this arrangement before becoming FDA commissioner? An investigation is warranted. The Opiate Epidemic will never end until this is uncovered and stopped. While FDA commissioner Sufentanil was approved. Rich reward. STOPPNow the Opiate Epidemic.

  • Once again . another example upon thousands of examples that i have drafted as to whom and which empire runs the health care systems in this nation so named The United States Of America . No surprise at all to i . this is only similar to the case at the Sloan Klittering Cancer Centre in Manhattan about five months ago with one of the top executive there involved with the cancer research departments , where in he was deeply in association with Pharmaceutical Empires where he made millions of dollars with out informing the executives at the research centre .He finally resigned . yes with millions of dollars . You all are invited to read and or see the New York Times articles on one more of the crimes within the health care industry here . I thank you . Trevor . Merchant . Friday . June ,28, 2019 at 4.2 7 p.m . daylight savings time . N.Y.C

  • As Arnie would say “Very Interesting”
    Here is a person expecting/preaching highest ethics and integrity from Pharma producers gave into financial greed. It basically suggests folks who are preachers cannot be trusted. I suppose “to satisfy the needs of stomach one will do everything and anything to make a buck”. Would they sell next of kin?

  • His move is SO predictable. Shame on him for not completing his term with so much unfinished at the FDA (a captain leaving a sinking ship and crew?). But the man will excel with results accomplished much faster than with the FDA, a huge slow and also antiquated machine. From his prior published / tweeted hot topics: expect the next huge CBD successes and probably also opioid-antagonists to come from Pfizer, coffers fed by Botox sales from the new merger with Allergan. The giants usually win, and charge what they want. No surprizes here at all.

    • The problem is clear and it’s called capitalism… you know that zero-sum economic system where one person or group loses as much as the other person or group gains. Same as it ever was.

    • Allergan is merging with Abbvie not Pfizer. These companies are large but that doesn’t make them interchangeable.

    • Same thing happens in the Military there should be a law against leaving gvt service and immediately heading to a corporation The ultimate in insider knowledge Washington is a cess pool

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