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Top of the morning, to you, and a fine one it is. A delicious breeze and warm sun are combining to get the day off to a good start here on the Pharmalot campus, where one short person and one official mascot are both sleeping in. This leaves us to our usual laundry list of tasks, starting with brewing cups of stimulation to be followed by phone calls, lots of reading, and general foraging for items of interest. Speaking of which, here a few tidbits. Hope your day goes splendidly and you manage to keep cool. …

The Trump administration abandoned a proposal to ban many of the rebates that drug makers pay to pharmacy benefit managers under Medicare, STAT writes. The White House had argued eliminating rebates would prompt drug makers to lower list prices, but the proposal has been controversial since its unveiling in January. Drug companies had largely supported the idea, while PBMs and insurers were vocally opposed. Budget projections showed the rule could cost the federal government $177 billion in the next decade.

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