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As concerns persist over the quality of medicines made in Asia, a recent episode involving Strides Pharma, one of the largest purveyors of generic drugs, illustrates the extent of the problem.

A week before a Food and Drug Administration investigator arrived at a facility in Puducherry, India, the company had discarded documents, including batch records, in a 55-gallon drum in its scrapyard. “Multiple bags” of documents pertaining to drug productions, quality, and laboratory operations were “awaiting shredding,” according to a July 1 warning letter posted this week on the agency web site.

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  • After the countless articles about the topic of dangerously toxic medications being the very first to destroy our lives with bogus information and serious issues about the production of unsafe conditions that exist in places like the Auribindo site, I am disinclined to use any medical generics from any other serious health issues that are complicit with the distribution from the India locations for obtaining any medicine that is unfit for human and animal consumption. The pharmacy manager where I purchase my few medical requirements is honest about this topic that I am opposed to this using anything that is located in most of India’s manufacturing of toxic products unfit for consumption, and I am fortunate to have an ethical pharmacist who is truthful about this life threatening situation. Ask before you have your prescriptions that are purchased from, and the cleanliness of the pharmaceutical companies from which they were produced.

    When we all stop paying for our own health decline, maybe then our combined experiences of not choosing these life threatening medications from any other pharmaceutical companies from places like we get from the companies in India.

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