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Sen. Elizabeth Warren is not done with Scott Gottlieb.

Already peeved that the former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner joined the Pfizer (PFE) board just weeks after leaving the agency, the Massachusetts Democrat and presidential candidate expressed “disappointment” that Gottlieb refused to resign as she requested earlier this month.

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  • I find it amazing that as Elizabeth Warren and many others rightly condemn Pfizer and the FDA of corruption doing poor drug trials and hiding side effects etc. But when it comes to vaccines suddenly pharma and the FDA are saints and can do no wrong. She wants forced injection for all kids and all vaccines, no freedom, no choice.

  • May I observe, possibly again?, that the objection to Scott Gottlieb was that he was coming back from industry when he took the post? It appears he was as good as could have been found at the time by the current administration.
    In addition, the big press was to save money on biologics and he pushed for biosimilars, as everyone except the patent holders wanted. Now the rumblings that Pfizer is big into biosimilars – among other things, buying Hospira helped that.

    • The objection is to an FDA official at the highest level working concurrently as a top business advisor for Pfizer. Gottlieb has an enormous amount of influence in government as well as an insane amount of information that could potentially give Pfizer a huge unfair advantage. The objection is spelled out in the article. Further, it is EXACTLY the kind of swamp conditions that Trump promised during his campaign to end.

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