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Rise and shine, everyone, another busy day is on the way. Yes, it may be holiday time for many, but the world continues to spin for the rest of us. So fire up your coffee kettles and prepare for another round of meetings, deadlines, text messages, conference calls, encrypted chatter, and whatever else helps you move down the assembly line. Meanwhile, please enjoy the items of interest we have gathered. Hope your day is smashing and, as always, do keep in touch. We appreciate the missives, tips and suggestions. …

A historic clinical trial has shown that two therapies made from Ebola antibodies appear to be improving survival rates among people who receive them, STAT reports. The announcement marks the first time a clinical trial has successfully shown that an Ebola therapy improves survival in people who have been infected. Only limited and preliminary data are available at this point, but the therapies showed mortality rates ranging from 29% to 53%.

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