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The Trump administration may brag that drug makers are dialing back price hikes, but a company that makes an essential mineral used by hospitals for feeding patients intravenously recently raised its price by a whopping 1,300%.

Last month, American Regent began selling a product called Selenious Acid Injection, which is used for total parenteral nutrition, a way to provide nutrients to patients who cannot eat food. Selenious Acid is an updated version of an older product called Selenium which, along with numerous other decades-old medicines, had never actually been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

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  • In conclusion… according to your research, is the company’s assessment of the 100% increase correct?

    Ed wrote: “A microgram of the older Selenium had cost 4.4 cents, but a microgram of Selenious Acid costs 57 cents”; that is a 1195.45%

    A company spokesperson wrote: “$34.30 per patient a day compared with $17.73, which is a 50% increase”.

    The new product comes in a box of 25 vials at a concentration of 40 mcg/mL, (comes in a10mL Vial) – Their online cost is $24.75 per vial. The price per microgram is 62.5 cents

    I am confused by the stated cost/microgram by either source. Can you provide the reference for the 4.4 cents cost?

    • Hi Ron
      Thanks for the note.
      A couple of things. The reference for the cost per microgram originated with the staff at Cleveland Clinic.
      American Regent did not dispute the math, but rather insisted this was not the way to view the increase in price, as noted.
      As to the change in wholesale acquisition cost, the post was updated to note that percentage change should be 100 percent.
      Hope this helps,

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