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File this under “How low can you go?”

The pharmaceutical industry is now the most poorly regarded industry in the U.S., ranking last among industries that are measured in the latest Gallup poll. Americans are more than twice as likely to rate drug makers negatively as positively — 58% versus 27%, to be exact. Just 15% held a neutral view, yielding an overall score of negative 31. Even the federal government fared better.

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  • It’s true , drug manufacturers are no angels in this complicated , convoluted drug pricing game. Look, they’re in business to make money. They have stockholders to answer to like any other big corporation does. I think when it comes to the general public, most people have no idea what a PBM is and what part they’re supposed to play. Nor do they have any clue how a PBM makes their money or how they’re getting paid or who is paying them. I wonder what the Gallup polls would show if this same population of people were asked about PBM’s and weather there is any correlation between drug manufacturers ,PBM’s and how drugs are priced.
    The wheels of justice turn slowly as they say. Change is happening, it’s happening slowly. I think our esteemed legislators are finally seeing how PBM’s work and that the lack of transparency is NOT ok any more. The problem we
    have at hand is weather pharmacies , either independent , grocery store or even Walmart pharmacies can last until
    the PBM’s are governed to have a fiduciary duty handling the billions of dollars of their clients money while they reimburse pennies and they own the 340B pharmacies,the mail order pharmacies, the specialty pharmacies and continue to make the big money. After all , when your the gatekeeper that decides what you pay yourself and what you pay others it’s easy to throw crumbs so others barely exist while they eat steak.

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