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Hello, everyone, and nice to see you again. We have finally returned from an extended bit of travel that mostly involved a series of back-to-back meetings with all manner of people who are somehow immersed in the great big world of pharma. Nothing like interesting conversation, yes? Now, though, the time has come to resume the usual routine, which reminds us — this week marks 13 years since starting Pharmalot. Hard to believe. This calls for a few cups of celebratory stimulation, yes? By all means, feel free to join us. Meanwhile, here are some tidbits. Hope you have a smashing day.

Fewer than half of clinical trial sponsors reported their results to a U.S. government registry within a year of the trial’s completion, flouting U.S. law and risking fines, Reuters writes, citing a new study in The Lancet. The researchers found that in spite of legal efforts to curb well-documented lapses in reporting negative trial results, many sponsors are still not reporting their findings, potentially keeping patients and doctors in the dark about benefits and side effects of treatments.

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