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As a novel coronavirus spreads through China and rattles the rest of the world, the pharmaceutical industry is on guard over the adequacy of its global supply chain.

Over the past decade, China has become a bigger player in the market for active pharmaceutical ingredients, which are the building blocks found in each drug. China is now home to 13% of all facilities that make ingredients for medicines that are sold in the U.S., according to the Food and Drug Administration. By comparison, 28% of such facilities are in the U.S. and 26% are in the European Union.

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  • In the last couple of years, the supply chain domain has become more and more conspicuous and important. More focus is thrust on developing strategies and risk assessment tools are being developed in order to reduce the dependancy on china. Hence for most of the key starting materials we ensure to have 2 or more sources, out if which one certainly is a indian source.

  • I think right now, the whole world should ban every thing concerning our foods, and medicines from China. They are not to be trusted and they have done enough harm to the world.

  • I am some what reluctant and curious as to where we are this this issue .as base on the reports coming out from the sources ,there are many conflicts of interest there off . and how to proceed forward with authority . more to come as the issue appears more profound

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