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For the first time since the coronavirus outbreak began, the Food and Drug Administration has reported a shortage of a medicine due to a manufacturing “issue” with an active pharmaceutical ingredient “related to a site affected by coronavirus.” However, the agency did not disclose the name of the medicine, prompting criticism over concerns the lack of information can make it difficult to plan for patient needs.

In a statement issued Thursday night, the FDA explained that an unnamed manufacturer reported a shortage, but did not provide any further details. The statement added that “it is important to note that there are other alternatives that can be used by patients,” and that the FDA is working with the company and other manufacturers to mitigate the shortage.

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  • We have no idea if this is a possible CV drug or if it is one of thousands manufactured in China. It looks like this could be some kind of promotion, now people will be clamoring for it.

  • Since there is some sort of strategic military/public health reserve of essential medications supposedly available in case of regional/national emergencies we should feel comforted. Would patients who find themselves normally on insurers third-fourth-and fifth tiers be accommodated as well as some whose med was procured from exotic pill mills?

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