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Good morning, everyone, and welcome to another working week. This week, however, ushers in a new era of sorts, as many of us greatly alter long-standing routines, at least for a while. Nonetheless, remaining focused can be a good thing, so please join us as we continue one of our own rituals — the celebrated brewing of the cup of stimulation. Meanwhile, we have once again assembled a few items of interest to help you get started. We hope your day goes well and you remain healthy.

An allegation that the Trump administration tried to secure exclusive rights to the production of an experimental coronavirus vaccine in Germany has revived concerns that countries worldwide might move to nationalize key supplies to respond to the growing pandemic, STAT explains. The allegation, first reported in German media and later echoed by that nation’s health minister, centered on the suggestion that the Trump administration sought to strike a deal with CureVac, a drug maker based in Germany but that also has operations in the U.S.

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