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Good morning, everyone, and welcome to the middle of the week. You made it this far, so why not proceed. After all, consider the alternatives. Not pretty, yes? While you do so, we will brew another cup of stimulation — maple bourbon is the latest obsession — and forage for some tidbits. So time to get cracking. We hope your day is manageable, despite the new world in which we live, and that you remain healthy. And as always, do keep in touch.

Scientists trying to develop treatments for the new coronavirus have struggled to get a hold of blood samples from recovered patients, which are needed because these contain the building blocks for creating new medicines, The Wall Street Journal writes. More than 180,000 people globally have been infected by the new coronavirus, but blood samples from recovered patients have been in short supply. The challenges researchers face in obtaining samples illustrate the hurdles involved in rapidly developing drugs for a new, poorly understood virus.

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