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And so, another working week will soon draw to a close. Not a moment too soon, yes? This has been, after all, quite a week. And we will take advantage of this moment to daydream about weekend plans. Not surprisingly, the agenda is modest. We plan to take a few naps, watch the telly, and teach our new official mascot a few tricks, such as taking in the mail and brewing cups of stimulation.

Ed and Bailey
Introducing Bailey, a new mascot on the Pharmalot campus. Courtesy Sara Silverman

On that note, please meet Bailey. And what about you? This is a good time to tidy up around the castle. You could catch up on your reading. Or reach out to someone who could use a warm greeting. Well, whatever you do, chin up. Be safe, be healthy and see you soon…

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  • May I observe that while reading the final item about Turkey and I trade, I experienced an odd dissonance – which lead me back to the firs item on the US and trade. What is the old phrase? “It depends upon whose ox is being gored” or words to that effect?

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