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Hello, everyone, and how are you coping this morning? We are doing just fine, thank you, as we continue to adjust to this new world. Although we have largely worked in the confines of the Pharmalot campus for the better part of more than a dozen years, we are also altering certain routines and, of course, relying more than ever on the latest whiz-bang technologies. Even so, some things just do not change — such as firing up the coffee kettle for a cup of stimulation. We remain stuck on maple bourbon, by the way. So pick up your own cup and join me as we dig in for another busy. Stay safe and stay in touch.

A vaccine that has been used to prevent tuberculosis is being given to health-care workers in Melbourne, Australia, to see if it will protect them against the novel coronavirus, Bloomberg News writes. The bacillus Calmette-Guerin, or BCG, shot has been used widely for about 100 years, with a growing appreciation for its off-target benefits. The World Health Organization says it’s important to know whether the BCG vaccine can reduce disease in those infected with the coronavirus, and is encouraging international groups to collaborate with a study.


The federal government and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) are investing more than $1 billion in a potential vaccine against the coronavirus, a big bet on a substance developed partly by a laboratory at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, The Boston Globe says. Johnson & Johnson expects to begin clinical trials of the leading vaccine candidate by September. The first batches of Covid-19 vaccine could be available for a request to the government for emergency use early next year.

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