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Hello, everyone, and how are you today? We are coping so far, thank you. Despite gray skies hovering over the Pharmalot campus, our spirits are sunny. Our short person is in fine form today, as is the fast-growing official mascot, who is happily bounding about. And we are topping this off with another cup of stimulation. Our choice today is old-fashioned hazelnut. And so, on with the show. Here are a few items of interest to help brighten your own outlook. Hope all goes well today, and do keep in touch. …

The top five executives at Moderna (MRNA) have sold more than $89 million of stock so far this year — initiating nearly three times as many stock transactions than in all of 2019 — as the share price soared on hopes for its Covid-19 vaccine, STAT notes. The trades, which led to about $80 million in profits, were prescheduled through a legal program that allows company insiders to buy and sell shares at a later date. But the volume and timing might prove alarming to shareholders in light of a decision to raise more than $1 billion in a stock offering.

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  • One may observe that sometimes “timing the Market” can work out – and be jealous of their profits – but first it was just the CEO that was publicized, now a group. “Curioser and curioser” …..

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