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Top of the morning to you, and a fine one it is. Clear blue skies and delicious cool breezes are enveloping the sunny Pharmalot campus, where the short person is sleeping in and the official mascot is futilely chasing bunnies and squirrels bounding across the grounds. Such scenes are best enjoyed with a cup of stimulation. So please join as we lean in to another busy day. On that note, here are a few items of interest. We hope your day goes well, and do keep us in mind if something juicy occurs. …

Drug makers partnered with the U.S. government are on track to begin manufacturing a Covid-19 vaccine by the end of the summer, and aim to deliver 300 million doses by early 2021, CNBC says. The manufacturing process is already underway, although it is not clear which, if any, vaccine will work. The Trump administration helped finance development of four vaccines so far though Operation Warp Speed and gave grants to companies including Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Moderna (MRNA), AstraZeneca (AZN), and Novovax (NVAX).


Some of the pharmaceutical companies developing Covid-19 vaccine candidates have pledged to not take a profit. But neither the companies nor the U.S. government bankrolling a great deal of the vaccine research has defined precisely what forgoing a profit means or how long that will last. And Politico explains this is feeding skepticism and uncertainty among industry watchers and doubts in Congress about who will end up paying what could be a very large tab.

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