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Rise and shine, everyone, another demanding day is on the way. We can tell if only because our official mascot bounded out of the castle for his morning constitutional, a signal that routines must be followed. Speaking of which, we are brewing a few cups of stimulation to power our own routine. Our flavor today is — brace yourself — glazed doughnut. Meanwhile, here are a few items of interest to help you on your own journey. We hope your day is productive and safe. And as always, do keep in touch. We accept saucy tidbits and secret dossiers. …

Russian President Vladimir Putin says his country registered the world’s first Covid-19 vaccine, marking a milestone in the fight against the novel coronavirus but coming amid rising safety concerns in the West over the country’s accelerated clinical evaluations, The Wall Street Journal writes. Scientists at the Gamaleya Institute in Moscow employed military testing, accelerated clinical evaluations, and shortened test-trial times in an attempt to be first with a vaccine.

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