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Over the past decade, wholesale prices for self-administered psoriasis medicines rose substantially, underscoring the ongoing financial burden for many patients, according to a new analysis.

Since 2009, the annual mean increase in price ranged from 4% to 12% for nine different psoriasis medicines, although some of the drugs were launched more recently. For instance, the largest rise in wholesale price was for Cimzia, which exceeded $94,000 last year, compared with just under $40,000 when the drug became available 11 years ago.

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  • Ed , You get it !!! PCMA defines drug rebates as ” preferential placement on drug formularies” That’s extortion ! Drug companies ARE being squeezed !
    AWP is a bullshit number that the PBM’s use for their spread pricing profits!
    The high price of drugs are because of the PBM’s !!! period!! end of story!
    Until the PBM’s are regulated drug prices will never come down !!!!

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