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Hello, everyone, and how are you today? A bright shiny sun and cool breezes are enveloping the Pharmalot campus, a decidedly welcome shift from the muggy temperatures of the past few days. Naturally, this calls for a hot cup of stimulation. Our choice today is mocha nut fudge, just for a change of pace. Feel free to join us or grab a bottle of water, if you prefer. Meanwhile, we have assembled the latest menu of tidbits to help you get started on your proverbial journey today. Hope you conquer the world, and do keep safe. …

President Trump and Mike Lindell, the creator of MyPillow and an avowed supporter, participated in a July meeting at the White House regarding the use of oleandrin as a potential therapeutic for Covid-19, CNN reports. Oleandrin is an extract from the plant Nerium oleander. The raw oleander plant is highly toxic, and consumption of it can be fatal. Three infectious disease specialists say enthusiasm for the compound, made using a toxic shrub, is not only strange, but disturbing, because it’s only been tested in laboratory dishes.


A potential Covid-19 vaccine being developed by a unit of China National Pharmaceutical Group, or Sinopharm, could cost no more than $144.27 for two shots, Reuters writes, citing state media that quoted chairman Liu Jingzhen. Sinopharm has said its experimental vaccine could be ready for public use by the end of this year and has entered a late-stage human test in the United Arab Emirates to gather proof of efficacy for final regulatory approvals.

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  • Might one observe that given this statistic – “The filings cited more than 200,000 deaths in the U.S. ” – one could argue that the $2.2 Trillion figure ‘merely’ asks for $10 K USD / life lost. One might but the argument would be as absurd as the figure specified, given the (relatively) platy assets of Purdue and the family.

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