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Rise and shine, everyone, another busy day is on the way. Yes, indeed, the middle of the week is already here, which means there is much to do. No doubt, you can relate on some level. So please join us as we grab a cup of stimulation — remember, no prescription is required — and tackle the phone calls and Zoom meetings and deadlines that are piling up. Meanwhile, here is the latest grab of items of interest to help you along. Hope your day is productive and safe. And do stay in touch. …

President Trump spoke on Tuesday as if his campaign depends on a Covid-19 vaccine. Specifically, a vaccine approval by Election Day, STAT observes. Throughout a turbulent, disorganized, and hostile debate, Trump highlighted his government’s efforts on vaccine development, pledging, dubiously, that the country is “weeks away from a vaccine” and contradicting high-level officials within his own government who have suggested it will be months, at least, before a vaccine is available.

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