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In a first-of-its-kind appearance on Capitol Hill, two members of the Sackler family that controls Purdue Pharma apologized for the suffering caused by the opioid crisis but otherwise denied wrongdoing and failed to accept personal responsibility for the role their company played.

Mostly, the session before the House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform gave lawmakers the chance to angrily chastise Kathe Sackler and David Sackler, who were threatened with subpoenas after they first declined to testify. Also appearing was Craig Landau, the chief executive officer at Purdue, which gained notoriety for its marketing of the OxyContin painkiller.

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  • Until the judicial system prosecutes people who run corporations and members of government for known crimes who committed the bad acts their behavior will never change it will only get worst ; take the 2008 Bank meltdown from hedge fund trading with derivatives ; the shareholders paid all the billions in fines with no participation in the bad behavior at all ; furthermore very few individuals in the Federal government ever get prosecuted either for known crimes

  • House Oversight Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney is too weak to recommend or bring criminal charges against the sntire Sackler family. Just another example of ‘do nothing politicians’. Many years ago i met with Maloney who fell asleep during my 1on1 meeting with her, definitely not impressive.

  • To help with the illegal substance in the country. Courses that teach about the different illegal drugs and the effect on the body and the harm done to the body should be taught.

    People try this illegal drugs and narcotic medicine without knowing the consequence because they do that have the right information.

    Knowledge is a very powerful tools.

    If there is no demand, there won’t be a seller.

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