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As state and local governments consider how to spend proceeds from settlements with opioid makers, a coalition of medical societies and advocacy groups is urging public officials to create dedicated funds to help people with substance use disorders, rather than fix holes in their budgets.

The admonition comes as lawsuits proceed in different courts around the U.S. involving numerous state, county and city governments, and tribal nations, which have filed some 2,600 lawsuits against drug companies, wholesalers and retailers. The eventual value of the proceeds from all this litigation will amount to tens of billions of dollars in cash and donated products.

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  • In 2016 I was dropped cold Turkey from my pain management doctor after 7 years of being prescribed 30mg Oxycodones and Hydrocodone 10/325 due to your fake Opiads crisis that threatened my doctors license. I went through hell till I found a new doctor. I deserve this settlement.

  • More money for more of the same ol underfit suboptimal research is disaster capitalism personified andmeets Einsteins definition of trying to solve a peoblemwith what caused the problem. Researchers,the fda,cdc, Congress have all abused the public trust when it comes to opioids and research. Its clear researchers willcontininue to do more and more suboptimal research on opioids-for it pays to do so.There are no real adults inthe world of research-just Machiavellian exploitative epistocrats.I challenge stat to prove otherwise. Over 16,000 clinical trials on opioids are listed in pubmed- how much more research money and time do they need?

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